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Legedu “LA” played in the NFL for 6 years with the Chargers, Panthers, and Dolphins. In his time as a pro, he gained valuable insight from the top trainers all across the country on exercise and nutrition to keep him at the top of his game.  “After my time playing I noticed that a lot of people struggled to get into the shape that they wanted to be in, not because of laziness, but because of the lack of information they had, the misinformation that’s out there about working out, and the lack of support/motivation that it takes to make a body transformation. Being a successful professional athlete takes a tremendous amount of self-discipline, positive outlook, perseverance, and determination! These are the same traits that it takes to make a body transformation.”

Training Style

LA uses an upbeat and positive training style. Each session will be a total body workout with specific points of focus during each workout. “I’m like a chameleon, I adapt the workout, sets, reps, rest times, and workloads to who I am training.”


When I was a professional athlete, each year our goal was to win the Super Bowl. We would sit down as a team and set small goals that we need to achieve on the way to hitting our biggest goal of all: winning the SUPER BOWL. To win the Super Bowl you have to be consistent, never get too high or too low, and you would have to work hard each day with that goal in mind. My goal for all of my clients is to help them win their “Super Bowl” in fitness.