Our Barre classes are designed around traditional yoga and Pilates exercises as well as elements of dance to effectively help you achieve the toning, shaping, and elasticity of your muscles without the bulking that restricts the beautiful fluidity of your natural motion. Classes are available for any level student regardless of their age or fitness background. All the exercises can be modified depending on your abilities, existing injuries or overall health.

Barre, Buns & Guns

This class is a fusion of ballet, yoga, and pilates inspired movements. This highly energetic workout not only nourishes your spirit but also helps lift, lengthen, and define your entire body.

Hot Barre

It’s getting hot in here! If you’re looking to turn up the intensity, look no further. Held in a heated room, this workout is centered on the barre which is there to provide stability, ease balance, and improve posture as you strengthen the core, glutes, and arms in a sweaty and transformative way. The heat allows for a deeper connection in all movements as you shake, burn, and stretch all the muscles while releasing toxins from the body.