These classes are appropriate for any level. With simple adjustments to the resistance level and focus on the core Pilates principles the same movements are adjusted to suit beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
Our classes will leave you feeling challenged, focused and better aligned. Your Pilates practice will grow and improve immeasurably.

Re:Form 1

A slower paced Reformer class designed to introduce you to the correct breathing, alignment, and technique of Pilates. The class will focus on basic Pilates exercises, teaching you how to use your core muscles correctly and how to use the Pilates Reformer. Students will gain a greater sense of body awareness through exercises focused on strength, stability, flexibility, and control. While this class is intended for the beginner student, it is also an excellent option for more experienced students who would like a refresher on the fundamentals.

Re:Form 2

This Intermediate level class builds on the fundamental reformer exercises with more challenging sequences at a faster pace. A beginner to intermediate class offering new challenges to students who have experienced the fundamental exercises and have a sound understanding of the Principles of Pilates. This class combines traditional essential and intermediate Pilates Reformer and Chair exercises for a full body workout that strengthens, tones, and mobilizes.  It’s perfect for improving your posture, strengthening your core, and bringing balance and stability to all of the joints of your body. You’ll look great and feel great!

Cardio Pilates

Jumpboard equipment is a padded board attached to Pilates reformer, which enables students to jump supine against the board.
Low impact, high intensity interval workout.
Expect to see improvements in muscle tone, strength and integration, core activation and cardiovascular endurance.

Bend Don’t Break

A deep stretch class with resistance that will improve muscle imbalances, which are known to contribute to poor posture and lower back pain. Starting at your feet, then working your way up through the entire body, you will restore natural flow of your body utilizing breath, precision and control. This slow-paced class is ideal for every body and is highly complimentary to Pilates classes. Improve mobility and increase flexibility with active and passive stretching.
Before class is over, you’ll feel longer and more at ease right away.


Want to increase the intensity of your Pilates practice? You’ll love this HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) inspired class!

It consists of four minutes of 20 second intervals with intense training followed by 10 seconds of rest and this is repeated 8 times! Challenge yourself and get ready to sweat.

Reformer Tower Classes

Reformer/Tower 1

Reformer Tower 1 is a fundamental, slower paced class that introduces the combination of the two apparatuses. Combining the foundation of Pilates Mat Work with the Pilates Tower allows for a deeper practice that specializes in proper form and alignment. Through a system of springs and bars, improve body awareness to ensure proper stabilization while the added resistance strengthens and lengthens the body. This class is ideal for all levels.

Reformer/Tower 2

Challenge your body and your mind with the combination of the Pilates Reformer, Tower, and advanced Mat Work. This faster paced class is designed to dramatically sculpt the body and improve core strength through more complex and demanding exercises. Improve coordination, balance, and stability with this full body conditioning class.