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Sheena grew up in a small town in Northern California where she spent her childhood playing outdoors engaging in everything from street hockey to soccer and basketball, always trying to find new ways to get her body moving. When she was not outside her passion for art led her to spend hours in the art studio painting. After high school she moved to San Diego for college and fell in love with the city and people.

Sheena graduated from San Diego State with a B.A. in communications and spent years working behind a desk. When she was pregnant with her second child she was exploring new ways to work out and stumbled upon pilates. She was instantly impressed by the way it improved how she felt and as she continued it would make her pregnancy noticeably easier than her first. Over the next couple of years she continued on her pilates journey falling more in love with every class she took and then made the decision to enroll in the STOTT program.

Sheena’s passion for pilates and helping people is part of what makes her an intuitive Pilates instructor. Her endless mission to continue to find fun and interesting ways to move the body and keep people guessing is why her classes are always exciting. Sheena believes that Pilates is the perfect outlet for her love of movement and creativity.

In her spare time, Sheena loves hiking and dance parties with her children. As an avid gardener, she finds new and healthy recipes to try out with her family using the vegetables and fruits in her garden.