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Located in San Diego's Marina District and Del Mar, Pilates of San Diego creates a serene haven for pilates and barre practice.

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With three beautiful locations in the heart of Downtown and Del Mar, Pilates of San Diego creates a serene haven for Pilates and Barre practice. Our unique approach is understanding the needs and goals of each and every client. We realize that every body has a different story and that is why we pride ourselves on developing safe, effective, and personalized exercise sequences to accommodate and challenge every body.

Being located downtown, we also understand that life doesn’t stop. In the fast-pace, bustling, go-go-go mentality that is our beloved city, our goal is to encourage you to take an hour in our studio to design a more powerful and peaceful body which will ultimately lead to a more peaceful and powerful life. With our small group classes, semi-private, duets, and private sessions, let us guide you in solidifying and restoring your body’s strength, balance, and harmony (just in time for happy hour!)

Our mission is simple and our passion is clear: Make your Movement vital. We believe that Pilates is more than it’s own physicality; it embodies and nurtures the unity of the body and mind. Prioritize your health, transform your body, nourish your mind, and watch your life Re:form.

—The Team at Pilates of San Diego

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our team of experts

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Ania London


Originally from Poland, Ania found her mecca in San Diego in 2001. She is more than just a fitness instructor.

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Gianna Latona


Originally from Denver Colorado, moved to San Diego after attending Arizona State University.

Carina-Hodgins-201x201-1 pilates san diego

Carina Hodges


Carina was introduced to Pilates while studying her love of dance. Certified through Body Arts and

Legedu-“LA”-Naanee-201x201 pilates san diego

LA Naanee


Legedu “LA” played in the NFL for 6 years with the Chargers, Panthers, and Dolphins. In his time as a pro he

What We Offer

green-flower pilates san diego

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Our Barre classes are designed around traditional yoga and Pilates exercises as well as elements of dance to effectively help you achieve the toning, shaping, and elasticity of your muscles without the bulking that restricts the beautiful fluidity of your natural motion. ...

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These classes are appropriate for any level. With simple adjustments to the resistance level and focus on the core Pilates principles the same movements are adjusted to suit beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Our classes will leave you feeling challenged, focused and ...

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Pilates-148-300x420 pilates san diego


Personalized One-on-One sessions provide you with in-depth training and understanding on how to get the most from your Pilates practice. It’s the most effective way to focus on your individual body needs and goals. It’s ideal for people who need a little ...

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Client Reviews

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I chose a class with Leah while visiting San Diego and attending a convention center conference, and it was the perfect antidote to a lot of walking and sitting during the day. Beautiful clean and bright studio, excellent cueing and pace of class. Enjoyed the regulars in the studio, they were welcoming. Highly recommend for experienced Pilates students who need a San Diego stop.

Laura W.

San Diego, CA

Did a personal session with Fernanda yesterday and it was excellent.  The studio was also very accommodating, as I request my session with very little advanced notice.  Awesome service and workout.  Next time I’m in San Diego, I will definitely hit them up!

Elizabeth L.

San Diego

I had my first session about two months ago. Being a former Pilates Room devotee, I decided to try Pilates of San Diego because it’s closer and I think it’s much better, actually! I love the instructors and classes and feel as if Pilates has changed my life/well being so much for the better. Not thinking I would get any semblance of myself back after having my kiddos, I have strengthened and toned SO much in just a couple months of taking studio classes (cardio pilates, tower, form). It’s been life changing and I wanted to express how much it ...

Jessica M.

San Diego, CA

I love reformer classes, and I tried out many different studios throughout the years, and I must say, this studio is really the sest pilates studio I’ve ever been to. I already tried classes with four different teachers, and all were absolutely incredible! I walk out of class feeling great and sore (in a good way..). Highly recommended!

Yonit G.

San Diego, CA

I decided that it was time to get back into shape. So here comes Pilates of San Diego-East Village to rescue. As I explained to the instructor that I only did Pilates once in my life. I knew I was in the right place being the only single person here. So after several minutes of warming up I decided to go forward with the full hour with the instruction. I would love not be more happier wit the instructor and  classes that Pilates of San Diego-East Village offers. No questions I will be coming back to try out some Pilates ...

Alan B.

Washington, DC

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